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Laura-Rachelle is the co-owner of Gothique along side her sassy daughter/business partner. She is a Certified Esthetician from St Clair College with additional certificates in sanitation, acrylic application, 3D acrylic art and acrylic ombre to name a few. Gothique (formerly Boss Nails) is her dream business stemming from having worked in some very dirty, unregulated salons in her past. The pillars of Gothique were established to offer safe and comfortable services to any Boss babe (of legal age) without them feeling rushed or judged. While sanitation is our number 1 priority, beautiful nails are a close second!

Queen Beef

Beef is the official owner and marketing manager of Gothique. This sassy girl is responsible for keeping staff in check and the business running smoothly without impacting Laura's health. Beef is a support tabby who helps remind Laura of medicine intervals and supports her anxiety while in the work place. While she is allergenic, we always carry non-drowsy benadryl in the event its needed. She wont intrude on your appointment unless you are one of the lucky few of her fans that gets some "beef lovins".  Note that Beef is only present in the salon when she's working, she may not be in at your appointment. 

Beef is excitedly training her fur brother Havoc/Havy who will be taking over her place in the salon. He is a Siberian Maine Coon and is hypoallergenic. He is still a baby so he's not the brightest bulb yet but he is just as sweet as Beef and is learning to pick up on emotional queues quickly. He may be at your next appointment!

Beef Barley Cat
College Diploma



The most important part! At Gothique we exceed the WECHU guidelines and proudly offer a "risk free" salon experience. In the salon, all porous non-serializable equipment is disposed of after every use. We never reuse files, buffers, sanding bands, pumice bars, pedicure liners etc.

Every service starts with a chemically sterilized kit including a cuticle pusher and cuticle filing bit. We never cut cuticles only mechanically remove them, thus allowing them to naturally recess and reduce risk of bleeding during service. Note that we will not service anyone with open wounds or visible nail infections, this is the LAW.

Every pedicure is done in a disinfected basin, lined with a disposable basin liner and with magnetic jet that is chemically sterilized between EVERY client. Disposable pedicure kits are used and only metal implements are disinfected and reused. Tools are NEVER shared between clients!

We are proudly Pre-empt certified and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about sanitation in the salon! 

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